Helping 10-14 year-old mathematicians to qualify for Olympiad, succeed at the GCSE, and develop a love for problem-solving in maths.

The Maths Mastery Academy is an online 12-week program that gives your child the custom plan, live lessons, homework, coaching, accountability, and support necessary to achieve “Maths Mastery”

Who it’s for

The Maths Mastery Academy is for your child if they are getting 80%+ at school (this is a recommendation, not a requirement) and enjoy doing maths. If this is your child, you may be thinking:

Are they being challenged or are they coasting?

If they’re coasting, how is this going to effect them in the long-term?

Are they going to reach their full potential in the subject?

• How can I nurture their gift and enjoyment for the subject?

• How can I help them succeed at GCSE, A-Level and beyond?

What our parents are saying

What our students are saying

How it works

The Maths Mastery Academy gives your child everything they need to transform their mathematics skill:

• Personalised roadmap: one-to-one starter session to map out their 12-week plan

Live lessons: Weekly 1-hour topic-based live lessons in small groups (not more than 6)

Live lesson recordings: All lessons are recorded so your child does not need to worry about missing one.

Homework: Weekly topic-based homework to consolidate work done in the live lesson

Practice tests: Extra practice tests and resources to benchmark progress month to month.

Extra classes: Fortnightly, optional, extra classes for students to ask us anything about maths

Progress tracking: We track lesson attendance, homework completion and marks to hold students accountable to doing their best work.

Rewards: We reward our students for building effective learning habits, building milestones into their roadmap to keep them motivated

Community: Online learning environment to ask for help and get support from learners and teachers

How to get started

The easiest way to get started is to:

1. Download the Maths Mastery Initial Assessment (click to download), and ask your child to answer the questions. They are interesting questions with much to be explored. Send them back to me on Whatsapp +44 7936 553206 or by email

2. Book a call with me. I’ll review the assessment with your child, discuss your aims for the maths tuition, and if the Maths Mastery Academy can help, we will chat about exactly how.

If no times are available below, also just send me a message on Whatsapp to arrange a call 😊


Must my child be a genius to join?

In short, no! Students who join us are comfortable with most of their school maths. This means that when they join us, we can focus on problem-solving skills and how to approach challenging questions. They’ll do a lot of revision and practice of school maths through solving these questions.

The biggest thing we do to see if they are the right level is by using the Initial Assessment which tests a range of skills. But, it’s not about getting full marks on this - it’s also testing how they think through a problem, respond to prompts, and it is meant to challenge them.

Here are some other things that I look for, that indicates that your child will succeed in the Maths Mastery Academy. They do not have to all, or any, of these qualities, but many of our top students share some of these attributes:

• They enjoy, and are enthusiastic about maths

• They get 80%+ in school tests

• They have some experience with the Primary or Junior Maths Challenge - silver/gold award

• Ambitious to do maths related careers (e.g. engineering, robotics, science, medicine etc)

• Enjoy playing games like chess, or solving rubik’s cubes

Will my child qualify for the Maths Olympiad?

We expect to see vast improvements in each students maths once they join us. Their results, over 12-weeks and following months will of course be dependent on their maths level when they joined us, and the energy and effort that they devote to the course. Given the immense challenge of qualifying for the Olympiad, and sometimes there is a little luck involved (many students, and they should, guess the last couple of questions of the JMC as it is multiple choice!), we are pleased that a much higher proportion of students than average qualify for the Olympiad. The great thing about these competitions is that they occur every year, so missing out one year will not stop that student from qualifying the next.

When is the best time to join?

Our classes are taught year-round, and we believe that in the best time to join is now. Perhaps you and your child want to prepare for their first JMC. Perhaps they want to improve on their result after the JMC passes. Perhaps you want them to set a foundation for GCSE and beyond.

More preparation is always going to help students do better in school, in competitions and in exams. Our classes help students develop a mindset for problem-solving, and enthusiasm for maths. There’s no reason to delay those outcomes!

What happens after the 12-weeks?

This is a great question that every supportive parent wants to know, because not even our students fully master maths in just 12-weeks! At the end of the 12-weeks, we offer our students to continue on a monthly basis. They will either:

1. Continue practising the same content to master it, working on Junior Maths Challenge and Olympiad questions to develop their key algebra and geometry skills.

2.“Graduate” to our Intermediate Maths Challenge and Olympiad curriculum.

Once there is complete, students will move onto our GCSE curriculum.

Is there a taster?

The initial assessment gives students and parents an idea for the style of questions we do in the Maths Mastery Academy; focusing on problem-solving, rather than repetitive standardised exam questions. Moreover, the call and discussion around each of these questions will also give you and your child a taste of our style of teaching.

In some situations, we allow students to join just one class before signing up for the full 12-weeks, asking for a small deposit to sign up for a taster. To arrange this, first ensure your child completes the initial assessment first, book a call, and we will discuss this on the call following your child’s assessment

Do classes continue during holidays and breaks?

Our classes do run in holidays in breaks. If you are, for example, on holiday for a couple of weeks, simply liaise with us and we can provide an appropriate discount for that time. Sometimes we also go on holiday too, or can’t do the lesson at the usual time. In this case, we will offer several alternatives (normally two alternative lesson times) instead of the usual lesson.

Who will teach my child/what are their qualifications?

Check out our About us page here (Click Here).

Do you support students with the GCSE?

We have experience teaching both the standard GCSE and Additional Maths GCSE. We’re not taking on current GCSE students, but are building a GCSE curriculum soon, to meet the needs of our oldest students in the Maths Mastery Academy.